SOM-FR652 full-range alnico driver

\ 240.000


30 ȣ ˴ Ǯ ǰ.
    Handmade full-range drivers that have been developed by a music lover(Made in Korea).
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    SOM speaks 'the sound of music'; Seamlessness is attained throughout the entire frequency spectrum.
ɷ Ƿ 2A3 300B ̱ ε ϰ (, 5·60 Ʈ TR ͵
    It can be effortlessly run by such low-power valve gears as 2 SE or 300 SE.
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    Small as the size is, the sound is full-fledged. Unlike the other 'full-range' drivers which confine themselves
    in small-scale musics, FR65 will enthral you in all kinds of musical genres. Comparison to other famed
    makes will  help sense its superiority.
      Diameter.    : 6.5"
      Impedance. : 8 ohm, 16 ohm
      SPL             : 92dB/1m/1W
      Frequence . : 50 Hz ~ 18,000 Hz
      Weight(net) : 580g
      () Magnet-shielded
    15ϳ ݼ۽ ȯ( պ ۷ δ)
    Money-back guaranteed(if returned within 15 days).
    Ϸκ 3Ⱓ ( å )

      ν . Ǿ 뿪 Ǿ.


     (-1) (ѹ)  240,000-, Price(pair)  240,000 Korean Won(U$240-),
     ӫ (1) 240000- 240,000 ~
 ֹ Ÿ order/contact 請
     031-262-4361, 011-9167-4361  somspeak  e-mail: hhsang3@dreamwiz.com


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